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Graduate school Life Science Munich: Call for doctoral applications

1st October until 30th November 2022


The Graduate School LSM announces the call for applications for admission in 2022. We seek to prepare young motivated researchers by offering a structured international doctoral programme in life sciences. For now, it is not necessary to hold the MSc degree at the point of application, however the applicants need to have the degree awarded before starting the doctoral studies later in 2023.

The LSM offers a structured international doctoral programme in life sciences covering areas of anthropology, biochemistry and cell biology, ecology, evolution, genetics, microbiology, plant sciences, systematics through to zoology.

For your convenience, we have attached a poster and flyer with all relevant information. Please feel free to forward the information to interested 3rd parties.

Please access the application page for the LSM projects here: http://www.lsm.bio.lmu.de/apply/index.html

Additionally, the DAAD and LSM jointly award 2 full scholarships for doctoral study financed by the DAAD Graduate School Scholarship Programme (GSSP). As well as in cooperation with the LMU CSC programme 2 full scholarships for doctoral study financed by the China Scholarship Council. Further information and details about the online application process and the available scholarships can be found here: https://www.lsm.bio.lmu.de/apply/daad-lsm-application/index.html

The deadline for applications this year is the 30th of November 2022.

Looking forward to receiving your application!