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In our association all researchers of the Faculty of Biology of the LMU from the PhD level on are welcome including all postdoctoral research fellows, group leaders, lecturers, scholarship holders and so-called “Akademische Räte”, “Habilitanden” and “Privatdozenten”.

Our main goal is to provide a platform for a lively exchange of information on a scientific and organizational level. During our monthly meetings, topics are discussed such as support options for the acquisition of third-party funding, the path to scientific independence, the habilitation process, innovations and structures in the faculty and the organization of teaching. The participation of employees who are at different qualification levels enables active peer-to-peer mentoring within the group.

Our regular meetings take place at the first Thursday in a month, at 1 pm, online.
Further information will be announced via E-mail. Please join the mailing list or contact serena.schwenkert@lmu.de.

Our official representatives at the steering committees of the Faculty of Biology are: