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European University Alliance for Global Health (EUGLOH)


28.06.2021 – 01.07.2021

Dear students and researchers of LMU,

we are glad to introduce you to our upcoming event: "EUGLOH Summer School on Large-Scale Facilities for Global Health - Opportunities, Project Writing and Career Orientation"!

How can large-scale facilities be valuable to solve scientific issues and what has this got to do with global health? These are the very questions addressed in the EUGLOH Summer School.

The European University Alliance for Global Health (EUGLOH) is an alliance of five universities from all over Europe with the aim of enabling future generations to find solutions to Global Health problems. The EUGLOH Summer School on Large-Scale Facilities for Global Health is a free international and interdisciplinary training opportunity for students and researchers from all five partner universities.

It offers a four-day intensive course at large-scale facilities (SOLEIL synchrotron, MAX IV synchrotron and ELI-ALPS laser centre) to raise participants' awareness of the capabilities of the facilities that contribute to the European research landscape. In depth overview of career opportunities, operations, techniques and applications (biomedical and environmental) of these light sources will be given. The last two days of the school will be dedicated to practical sessions to apply for beamtime allocation.

The school will take place online with theoretical courses (12h), practical sessions (12h), networking, virtual tours of large-scale facilities and assessment of knowledge and general discussion.

Details of the event are below:

EUGLOH Summer School on Large-Scale Facilities for Global Health
Date: 28 Jun 2021 — 01 Jul 2021
Location: Online
Target Group: From undergraduates to PhDs as well as postdoctoral and senior scientists from the EUGLOH alliance universities
Host: Université Paris-Saclay
Registration Deadline: 24 May 2021
Certificate: 2-4 ECTS

For more details on registration, program and certificate please visit our website via: https://www.lmu.de/en/about-lmu/international-network/eugloh/index.html

Join us and discover large-scale facilities on Europe´s Campus for Global Health!

We are looking forward to your participation!

Kind regards
Luisa Merz

Outreach Manager
European University Alliance for Global Health (EUGLOH)